What is Price Per Head?

What is Price Per Head?

When it comes to betting on sports, the term “Price Per Head” pertains to comprehensive online software solutions for anyone who is interested in running and managing an independent sportsbook. Private bookies can obtain everything they need to take their business online for one low weekly fee that is charged for every active bettor in their customer base.

A price per head provider has the necessary business tools to process all the daily transactions that are part of the bookmaking business. They also provide key services tied to the operational end of that independent book. It would be highly cost prohibitive for any bookie to try and duplicate these software solutions and added services on their own. The price per head business model actually provides low-cost entry into a business opportunity that can generate a very lucrative return on investment.

Running an Online Bookie Business

The first thing that any potential business owner needs to get their enterprise off the ground is customers for their product or services. Fortunately, the sports betting industry is booming so customers are rather easy to come by. When it comes to booking sports bets, the private bookie also needs enough cash reserves to cover any weekly action coming in.

Years ago, the average private bookie ran their business with a phone, pen and betting ledger. Their place of business was local sports bars, pool halls and social clubs. The dynamics of betting on sports changed with easy access to the internet, so bookies were forced to change their ways to keep pace with all the rapid advances in online sports betting technology.

Another big plus when it comes to taking a bookie business online with a quality price per head shop is no minimum when it comes to their customer base. Whether a bookie is working with five customers or 500, they can sign on with a quality sports betting software provider. Many of these software solutions can also be tailored and customized to meet individual bookie needs.

An account manager along with the entire custom service team at that quality PPH service are on hand to help any bookie take their business online. Once the business is up and running, that high level of support remains available round-the-clock to aid in any questions or concerns that may arise.

Creating a Professional Online Business Presence

Betting customers can come from any walk of life. Many successful bookies turned to family, friends and close acquaintances to start their own independent bookmaking operation. Given that the majority of sports bets are placed online through a sports betting portal, every private bookie needs to create a professional online presence that can not only process these online bets, but act as a powerful marketing tool to grow and expand the business.

As part of the low weekly fee a price per head service charges for each active betting customer, a private bookie will have access to their own sports betting website. Some services will provide a rather generic site with little marketing appeal. For a slightly higher per head fee, there are PPH services that will create a highly customized website that is designed and maintained to meet the specific needs of each of their bookie agents.

A custom business website that projects a professional image is a major point of difference that is well worth any added investment. This will also become the most powerful marketing tool in a bookie’s arsenal. Combined with targeted forms of social media and other online marketing vehicles, today’s private bookmaker can tap into a much wider audience of potential customers.

While a bookie seeks to develop their own unique sports betting customer base, the big commercial online sportsbooks are still a competitive factor. Backed by a top price per head shop and a custom business website, the private bookie can level the playing field against the big books that go to great measures to attract sports bettors to their online services. The private bookie gains a significant edge against the commercial online books with the higher level of service and personal attention to detail they provide.

Price Per Head Streams of Revenue

It is no big secret that college football and the NFL produce the biggest handle for any business booking sports bets. College basketball and the NBA also rank high on the list when it comes to the revenue generated by the sports betting industry. The bookie business is booming when these two sports are live, but there is a substantial gap in action during the off-season. Multiple streams of revenue are the best way to maintain weekly cash flow and bottom-line profit 12 months a year.

This is where a quality PPH service really earns its per head weekly fee with fast and easy access to the following money-making opportunities:

This is a powerful lineup of options that can turn any private bookie into a full-service, one-stop shop for all of their customer’s online gambling needs. Running a racebook and online casino along with an expansive sportsbook is the best way to meet any set financial goals on a year-round basis.

Today’s sophisticated sports bettor is looking for more options outside the realm of football and basketball. A private bookie never wants to risk losing even one customer because a particular betting option was not on their board. Price per head shops have fast access to sharp betting lines to build out a board that would rival even the biggest commercial online sportsbook.

Horse racing and, to a lesser extent, dog racing appeals to select group of bettors on a regular basis. Building this business will take some work. However, a price per head racebook offers access to over 70 North American tracks along with international tracks in racing hotspots such as the UK, Dubai and Japan. Another huge boost to business is all the major stakes races that take place throughout the year. This schedule is highlighted by the Kentucky Derby in early May as part of the Triple Crown racing series and the annual Breeders’ Cup in early November.

Major advances in technology and casino gambling software have brought the excitement of Las Vegas to desktops, laptops and mobile smartphones. The hottest trend in online casinos is live-dealer action for popular table games such as Blackjack, Baccarat and Roulette. A private bookie’s casino never has to close with online access 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Long-Term Bookie Success With Price Per Head

Running and managing any business that can produce both short-term and long-term success takes hard work and a strong dedication to set financial goals. With the right price per head shop as that silent business partner handling the operational side or things, any private bookie has everything they need to achieve that high level of success.

Online sports betting software solutions have come a long way over the past two decades and the best PPH services in the industry remain committed to making the necessary investments to continually enhance the software products they offer. They fully understand that their long-term success is directly tied to the long-term success of the bookie agents they partner with.

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