PPH Sportsbook

PPH Sportsbook

Sports are a huge part of the American fabric from Sunday’s in the NFL to the MLB Fall Classic in the best-of-seven World Series. One of the biggest offshoots of watching the games is betting on them. The sports betting industry in the United States alone is a multi-billion-dollar enterprise that continues to grow and expand each year.

One of the biggest changes to the landscape is the ability of individual states to offer land-based sportsbooks in their casinos and racetracks for Thoroughbred horses and Greyhound dogs. These same states are also in the process of offering online sports betting applications to join an extended list of offshore sportsbooks that have been offering online sports betting to US customers for the past few decades.

Joining this group are private bookmakers that offer sports betting services to a select group of customers with the help of online sports betting software providers. These providers are commonly known in the sports betting industry as ‘Pay Per Head’ services or PPH for short.

Defining a PPH Sportsbook

Pay Per Head bookie software solutions are modeled after the same online sports betting software that is used by the big commercial offshore sportsbooks operating through the internet to reach a large sports betting base. Today’s pay per head software applications help to level the playing field between the private bookie and the commercial sportsbook and they are comprehensive enough to rival what the biggest online books use to run their million-dollar websites.

The PPH sportsbook business model creates a very low barrier of entry for anyone looking to run and manage an independent bookmaking operation. The only upfront cost is a small initial deposit to cover the first few weeks of per head fees. A weekly per head fee is only charged for any active betting customer. The only way that cost increases is with additional customers using the bookie’s services to place their bets.

The biggest value in the PPH sportsbook business model is a turnkey software solutions package that provides all the business tools needed to be successful as a private bookie. From an online dashboard with mobile betting capabilities to easy access to betting lines covering over 80 different sports, today’s private bookie can take their business online in a fast and efficient manner.

With the proper business tools in place through a PPH service, a private bookie’s main edge against the competition is the higher level of customer service and personal attention to detail that the big books will never be able to match.

Starting a PPH Sportsbook

As mentioned, the pay per head business model provides low cost online sports betting software solutions when it comes to running and managing an independent sportsbook. Along with the small initial deposit when first signing on with a PPH service, a bookie will also need some cash reserves that are large enough to cover the exposure of any weekly action coming in.

The most important aspect of starting a PPH sportsbooks is betting customers. There are no minimum requirements to sign on with a price per head shop. However, a bookie should have a customer base than can, at the very least, get their business off the ground. Working closely with a pay per head site, growing and expanding that base should be the primary focus of the marketing plan. Fortunately as part of the weekly fees paid, a quality PPH service offers some powerful tools to help accomplish these marketing goals.

Finding the right pay per head site will be the biggest and most important business decision a private bookie will have to make. A PPH provider should be viewed as a silent business partner that has a vested interest in the success of all the independent sportsbooks utilizing its services. The best PPH providers take this vested interest very seriously in their approach to doing business.

Thriving as a PPH Sportsbook

Most entrepreneurs go into business for themselves with great aspirations for success. However, the reality of the situation is that most of these new businesses will fail without having the proper plans in place to actually become successful.

The PPH business model is designed to give a private bookie everything they need to achieve a high level of success both in the short term and over the long haul. Hard work and dedication to the craft of bookmaking is a very big part of the equation.

Pay per head bookie software can handle the operational end of the business. This frees up time for a bookie to work on the sales and marketing aspect of the company. One of the most attractive aspects of running an independent sportsbook is the ability to hand pick a customer base that meets a bookie’s business goals. Some bookies love the high rollers that add an element of risk verse reward to the mix. Other bookmakers are looking for a more predictable customer base of recreational bettors that remain consistent with their betting strategies and habits.

Regardless of how a sports betting customer base is formed, any current and future marketing plans should be geared towards attracting new bettors that best fit the business mold. Another important aspect of any marketing plan is the ability to maximize the potential of a customer base. Through an expanded betting board with a wide spectrum of sports betting options, a PPH service really earns their keep with the easy access they provide to all the betting lines needed.

One mistake that bookies often make is not fully utilizing everything a price per head shop brings to the table. By staying way out in front of the daily betting action coming in, a smart bookie can make the proper adjustments to enhance bottom-line profit.

Real-time analytics through a wide variety of timely business reports will help to accomplish this goal. PPH software is also designed to move betting lines and make changes to a betting board anytime needed through a mass edit feature or on an account by account basis if necessary.

Three Key Aspects of a PPH Sportsbook

The sports betting industry remains on a strong growth trend that has been firmly in place over the past few decades. Reaching the target market as never been easier through a highly professional online presence. This demand should continue to grow as more and more individual states enter the game. This is a major plus for bookies since many of today’s sophisticated sports bettors are looking for added customer service and personal attention to detail when it comes to their online betting account.

The pay per head business model is designed specifically for private bookies running and managing an independent sportsbook. These turnkey online sports betting software solutions completely level the playing field against competition to give private bookies the edge needed for success.

Running a private PPH sportsbook comes down to generating a profitable return that meets a bookie’s financial goals. With the right business tools in the box, a bookie that is committed to success can put the proper plans in place to achieve those goals. The bottom line is that there is money to made in the sports betting industry and running a PPH sportsbook is a viable way to get a piece of the action.

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