Gambling Software

Gambling Software

Advanced technology and sophisticated computer software applications have changed the way almost every business is run these days. While the science behind these advances may be complicated in its design, there is no doubt that they have made life much easier for business owners.

The technology behind any form of gambling has completely changed the face of this industry over the past few decades. The most notable change has been the rise of the online gaming industry. This has created specialty websites covering every form of gambling possible through the internet. Whether it is an online casino with slots and table games or online sportsbook for sports betting, specific software solutions makes gambling through the internet possible.

Early Sports Gambling Software

Everyone knows that Las Vegas is the gambling capital of the world. Its lavish casino hotel and resorts offer an expanded floor for every possible casino game. Most of these resorts also house a full service sportsbook for betting on a wide array of sporting events. The land-based casino business continues to expand all across the United States and around the world.

Another driving force in the gaming industry is the proliferation of online sites for casino gambling and betting on sports. Going back to the 1990’s, offshore sportsbooks in certain Caribbean and Central American countries with legal sports betting developed the necessary software solutions to start taking sports bets online form anywhere in the world. Many of these early books focused their marketing efforts on the US sports betting market.

Along with online sportsbooks, the same software applications were modified to allow private bookmakers to offer their service online as well. This gave rise to the Pay Per Head bookie software industry. These companies would lease their online sports gambling software to private bookies for a set weekly fee that is paid for each of their active betting customers.

The online sports betting industry continued to expand at a very rapid pace with private bookies working with a price per head shop accounting for the lion’s share of the betting revenue. Nearly two decades into the 21st century, online sports betting is bigger than ever. Refinements to the process as well as improved bookie software solutions continue to make the private bookmaker the primary choice of both recreational and professional sports gamblers.

Another recent development in the US market is more and more states joining Nevada with land-based sportsbooks in their casino and horse racing venues. Most of the states with land-based books are also working to also offer online sports betting in the coming months or years.

Pay Per Head Sports Gambling Software

The pay per head industry has grown in conjunction with the entire online sports betting industry. Given the low weekly fee a price per head shop can charge for its bookie software solutions, more and more people are opening up their own private bookmaking operations. With the help of a quality PPH service, anyone can successfully run and manage their own independent sportsbook.

These bookie software applications are so advanced that they would rival what even the biggest commercial online sportsbooks are using to run their million-dollar websites. The software package contains all the business tools needed to succeed at a very low cost of entry into this highly lucrative business opportunity.

Two of the most important factors needed to run any successful business are:

A private bookmaker working with a pay per head company satisfy both of these qualifiers given the growing and expanding popularity of betting on sports.

Pay Per Head Gambling Software Features

Just like a big commercial online sportsbook, there are some basic features of gambling software for private bookmakers that enhance the overall operating system.

Pay per head software solutions offer the following basic features:

Everything works in unison to provide an affordable and turnkey approach to running an independent sportsbook. A high level of redundancy throughout the entire database ensures that downtime is not an issue. Every transaction processed through pay per head sports gambling software is completed in a safe and secure online environment.

Pay Per Head Gambling Software Benefits

If PPH features is the steak, the various price per head benefits is the sizzle. Included in the low weekly per head fee are the following benefits:

There are no guarantees in any business and there is no substitution for hard work and dedication. However, having the proper tools in place to achieve any set goals is a major plus. Bookies should view their pay per head service as that silent business partner handling the operational end of things. With that end of the business covered, they will have much more time to devote to the marketing side of the equation.

Additional Pay Per Head Gambling Software Applications

As mentioned, one of the top benefits a PPH service does bring to the table is additional revenue streams. Starting with the sportsbook itself, private bookies have the ability to completely level the playing field against the big commercial online books with an expanded betting board filled with wide array of sports betting options. They should never have to worry about losing even one customer when it comes to matching the betting options at the big books.

Any private bookie can also expand their business with a racebook for horse betting. This software application creates access to over 70 different North American racetracks as well as tracks in popular racing geographies such as the UK, Dubai and Japan. Along with the various major graded events on the yearly horse racing calendar, there are always active tracks offering a daily race card on a continual basis.

Another money-making opportunity for private bookies is gambling software to run a full-service online casino. Along with a wide variety of slots, video poker and other electronic games, this online casino has easy access to live-dealer table games. This is another great year-round profit center that can keep things running when there are seasonal lulls in the sports betting calendar.

The best part of the deal is that the gambling software for a racebook and online casino is included to the price per head weekly fee. This allows the private bookie to maximize the revenue generated by their whole customer base to offset the weekly cost of pay per head bookie gambling software.

In summary, it would be highly cost prohibitive for any independent bookmaker to duplicate the gambling software applications needed to run their business on their own. The pay per head business model does not require any major investments in capital. It does not require any additional manpower to run. What is does provide is a turnkey business solution for long-term success as a private bookie.

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