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Choose our Bookie Software

Betting on sports is big business across the United States and around the globe. The expansion of land-based sportsbooks in casino resorts and horse tracks in states other than Nevada continues at a rapid pace. Big commercial offshore sportsbooks operating online continue to cater to the US market. While both of this sports betting venues take in billions of dollars in revenue on an annual basis, the private bookie still accounts for the majority the action taken in.

Advanced technology and sophisticated online software has fueled the expansion of the private bookmaking industry over the past few decades going back to the 1990’s when online sports betting was still in its infancy. This trend continues today as a very viable business opportunity that can provide a lucrative return on a minimal upfront investment.

The main reason why private bookies have been able to successfully run and manage their own independent sportsbook in what has become a very competitive industry is specialized online sports betting software solutions on a pay per head basis.

Pay Per Head Bookie Software

The pay per head bookie software industry can be traced back to the early 90’s when the first offshore sportsbooks in certain Caribbean and Central America jurisdictions first turned to the internet to reach the US market. Specialized computer software designed to process online sports bets was first developed to make this expansion possible. These same software solutions were also adapted to give private bookies an opportunity to take their business online.

The basic premise behind a pay per head bookie software solutions package is a turnkey way to book sports bets for one low weekly price per head fee for active betting customers. The bookie only has to pay for what they use which creates a very low cost barrier to start and run a private sportsbook.

Other than enough cash reserves to cover any betting action coming in along with a computer that can handle the operational end of the business, the overall investment to run a private bookie business is rather minimal. All a bookie needs to take their business online is a startup customer base.

A few of the main features that are included in that low weekly pay per head fee include:

For that one low weekly per head fee, a private bookie has all the business tools they need to fully level the playing field against the big commercial online sportsbooks that will go to great lengths to attract sports bettors to their million-dollar websites. Private bookies gain the edge against the competition with the higher level of customer service and personal attention to detail that the big online books could never match. The high level of sophistication in these bookie software solutions would rival what even the biggest offshore books are using to run their online operation.

Horse Racing Bookie Software

As a valued-added online application generating another important revenue stream, today’s private bookie can also run and manage their own racebook for horse racing. Matching the same service as an off-track betting site, sports bookmakers can expand their operation to accept bets on any horse racing venue offering a daily card.

As part of the weekly pay per head fee paid for active sports bettors, the private bookie gains access to the proper online software solutions to run a racebook that covers over 70 tracks in North America alone. Many racebook software applications also offer betting at international racetracks located in popular racing markets such as the UK, Dubai and Japan.

Horse racing is one of the few betting opportunities that is on the board every single week of the year. That schedule is usually highlighted by a number of major graded stakes races run on weekends at some of the most iconic racetracks across the US and around the globe.

Another big attraction of running a racebook in conjunction with a sportsbook are the big betting events that appeal to a wide audience. The first Saturday in May is the annual running of the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs as the crown jewel of the Triple Crown racing series. Two weeks later, the Preakness Stakes takes place at Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore followed by the Belmont Stakes in early June.

The Breeders’ Cup takes place every year in early November with two days of racing featuring a number of multi-million-dollar events. One of the richest races in the world takes place each January with the running of the $9 million Pegasus World Cup. Add in some big-money stakes races in Dubai and Japan and there is more than enough reason for bookies to cash in on the Sport of Kings.

Summarizing the main benefits of pay per head racebook software, bookies have fast and easy access to:

Online Casino Bookie Software

As another way to generate additional revenue on a year-round basis, pay per head bookie software providers offer online applications to run a full-service online casino. Along with round-the-clock access to slot machines, video poker and other electronic gambling games, today’s online casinos offer table games for popular betting options such as Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat.

Offering an online casino is a great way for any bookie to position themselves as a full-service provider that can meet all of their customer’s online gambling needs.

Some of the highlights of pay per head casino software solutions include:

The top pay per head sites continue to make the necessary investments in online casino software enhancements that add an even higher sense of realism to the entire gambling experience.

Bookie Software Final Thoughts

Working with a quality pay per head provider, today’s private bookie has a low-cost option to successfully run their own independent sportsbook. This turnkey software solution offers everything needed to cover the operational end of the business while freeing up a bookmaker’s time to handle the sales and marketing aspect of their own private book. A PPH serives act as that silent business partner with an active interest in the long-term success of their bookmaking agents.

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