Complete Solution

Complete Solution

What is is a pay per head provider that local bookies use in order to provide their customers with a complete online and over the phone wagering solution. Our software provides agents with an online platform that gives you the flexibility to compete against online giants.

Many bookies have had to close their operations or have been forced to downsize due to the amount of players they have lost to offshore operations that have robust platforms. provides all agents with an online sportsbook, racebook and online casino, everything in an all in one platform that is user friendly and mobile friendly. Nowadays you need to be able to provide your customers with a service that is outstanding otherwise you will players will leave.

Offering a Complete Solution

Sportsbooks have had to diversify their offer and at the same time make a platform that is user friendly and capable of competing with the largest sportsbooks in the world. has focused thousands of developer hours to make our all in one platform versatile and user friendly.

By using our services you will be in total control of what your players see and wager in your customized website. You will be able to make changes, create adjustments and manage your players on any device with a web browser or by giving our courteous customer service department a call and they will gladly help you make the appropriate changes.


Sports Betting

Sports betting has evolve just like many other business worldwide and it has taken a very positive turn for players and agents. Many things have changed in comparison to several years back. Players are savy and take many factors into account like, weather reports, injury reports, and other factors that could affect the outcome of any game.

Because of all the factors that players like to consider before submitting a play, bettors enjoy the flexibility that computers and mobile devices have given them and they make good use of it. Players now submit their wagers online and at the same time enjoy the large selection of sports in which they can wager on.

Due to the technology used by us, your players will have access lines to all sporting events around the world. This will work in your favor because they will most likely put more money on the line, which you could benefit from.

Even though things have changed from a decade ago, some things remain exactly the same and I’m referring to wagering over the phone. Some players like to keep their operation old school and there is nothing wrong with that. offers an open phone line 24 hours per day 365 days per year with qualified personnel that can take your players wagers.


Horse Betting

Horse racing has a big history behind it and even now history is made every year on some of the biggest horse races in the world. Some of the most famous races are the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes and the Belmont Stakes. These are races that move millions of dollars and have hundreds of millions of people watching them. offers a large selection of tracks in US territory, more than 74 tracks, which gives all horse racing enthusiast plenty of daily action. We also have a large variety of plays that can be done when wagering on horses.



It’s always fun to play a little bit of casino games on the side and offers your players the opportunity to play on our virtual or live casino under their unique account. We have a large selection of casino games that replicate the experience at a real physical.